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Holiday Sales Mean Even More Erroneous Chargebacks & Shortages Hurting Your Revenue
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Increase Profits By Mitigating Amazon Fees (reply available for limited time)
*  How seasonality affects Amazon fee accrual
* Why surges in chargebacks and shortages impact your profitability
* How you can mitigate risk and maximize profitability* 
* Why erroneous fees need not be "part of doing business" with Amazon
* How to recover erroneous fees going back 5 years
* How to easily recoup up to 18% of revenue in lost fees
* How to free up employee work flow while increasing profits
* How proactive planning can help your bottom line
* How to estimate what you are owed from Amazon in erroneous fees
 FREE BONUS: A proprietary, cloud-based solution for first party vendors (1P), and soon for third party, FBA (3P) sellers. This 'better than a dashboard' app provides root-cause-analysis and suggested solutions - all for free - which regularly paints a picture of where the problems are within inventory management, purchase order notifications, packing, shipping, logistics, etc. so they can be quantified and rectified, quickly.  
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